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Bioethanol Technology

Industrial Alcohol

Nordtec provides the technology needed to produce these types of alcohols from any raw material, with a design that optimizes the energy efficiency of the process and gets the most out of production.
Nordtec suggests designing vacuum distillation process (double effect) to minimize the consumption of steam, and two or three columns at most depending on the level of quality alcohol required.

Superfine Alcohol – Trade Mark of Nordtec Technology

The most valued type of Alcohol over other competitors in the entire Alcohol market [Alcohol Distilleries]. The organoleptic properties must be absolutely neutral, derived from the very low content of presents congeneric.

A typical analysis summarized the distinct properties:
• Methanol < 3ppm
• Heads < 2ppm
• Higher alcohols < 5ppm
• Barbet time > 35 minutes

Nordtec offers the most extensive experience designing and building superfine alcohol plants using cutting edge technology and innovation.
No question about it, achieving this quality requires at least 5 distillation columns, either at atmospheric pressure or vacuum, with a total number of distilling plates (stages) of not less than 200 among all columns.

This quality of alcohol is often used in cosmetics, in preparation of white spirits (gin, vodka, and anise) and in the pharmaceutical sector.