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Waste Management


1. Water Filtration – Clean Water For Industrial Use

Nordtec international designs, builds and delivers the custom-designed technology systems according to clients/ industry requirements.

Nordtec international membrane filtration technology can remove suspended solids, oils and greases, heavy metals, biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD and COD) salts, and biological contamination from your wastewater stream.

Nordtec international provides customer engineered solutions to industrial water and wastewater problems wherever they occur. Since Nordtec international is not tied to any one industrial membrane technology, engineers select the best membrane technology for the job.

Most of the industrial equipment that we build is custom designed for our customers. We have standard membrane processes that we apply but every system is installed under different conditions so we build our equipment to suit the specialized needs of each facility.

Nordtec international Systems filtration technologies include:
• Reverse Osmosis
• Nanofiltration
• Ultrafiltration
• Microfiltration
• Desalination

2. Industrial Chemical Waste Processing

Reducing, re-using and recycling industrial waste helps Nordtec international customers become environmental experts – and meet or exceed growing regulatory requirements.

Nordtec international uses industry-leading technology to process both organic and inorganic waste streams. We’ve pioneered the use of centrifugation, distillation and physical chemical treatment to do so. We maximize the recovery of reusable products while reducing the volume of waste for disposal.

Our waste processing operations generate residues that can require further treatment and disposal. We manage these materials internally, operating to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

We provide services to process the range of wastes. Some of these include:
• Acids
• Caustics
• Completion fluids
• Contaminated fluids
• Contaminated soil
• Emulsions
• Interceptor wastes
• Lab packs
• Oily water
• Sludges
• Solids
• Spill material
• Tank bottoms
• Waste oils
• Waste paint
• Waste solvents
• Wastewater

3. Industrial Waste Water Treatment Technologies

Chemical oxidation and reduction
• Acid/Base neutralization
• Chemical precipitation of metals
• Flocculation
• Filtration
• Carbon adsorption
• Supercritical fluid extraction
• Biological treatment
• Oil/Water separation
• Stabilization through encapsulation

Nordtec International Diverse Services

Our concepts and planning do reflect all the know-how and experience we gained over many years in erecting, commissioning and operating of treatment plants of differing types and dimension. We focus a great priority for mechanical and / or biological waste treatment plants because of our principle believe in eco-friendly environment with minimum CO2 and CH4 emissions.


Advise our clients in terms of technology evaluation, choice of components and systems, approval and execution management, and we provide services for market exploration and the compilation of project data.
• Plan partial lots or complete treatment plants from the first draft up to the detailed plan of execution.
• Attend to our clients during all stadiums of the project, in particular during plant commissioning, the warranty period (object monitoring) and the daily operation within the plant maintenance.
• Supply turnkey partial and comprehensive solutions for the technical sections of mechanical processing, rotting and ventilation, process control and process automation.
• Train your plant management and maintenance staff.
• Compile project specific maintenance schedules and also execute them on demand.

Nordtec international Concept

  • Develop customers tailored proposals and concepts with regard to the processing and recycling of different types of wastes
  • Provide a solution, which corresponds to the predetermined technical and economical guidelines of the clients.
  • Help client to assess the plant status quo of aggregates, process chains or entire processing and recovery

Nordtec international Planning

• Preliminary evaluation and planning
• Blueprint and approval planning
• Construction supervision and site management
• Building
• Electrical engineering
• Ventilation engineering / climatisation
• Process control engineering

Nordtec international Project Planning and Plant Engineering

• Provide  detail knowledge of the market concerning the task-related and project specific suitability of components and aggregate
• Rotting and ventilation engineering
• Mechanical- and process engineering
• Control engineering
• Feed back on constituent control technique and the full assumption of the supplier´s liability.
• Take full responsibility preliminary planning to the execution of supply and installation services up to the handover to the client
• Discourage general contractor (GC) approach rather value client-specific requests and options (engineering, supply and installation services)
• Access to a global network of experienced partner companies which have already proven their expertise and reliability in numerous executions of plants.
• Partner companies are selected strictly in terms of professional and project specific aspects and in close cooperation with our clients.


• Choice of components and processes for the mechanical treatment in view of the intended generation and use of the products by the client.
• Layout and dimensioning of technical systems (materials handling, separation processes, rotting and ventilation equipment, exhaust air collection and purification).
• Provision of technical experts´ reports on existing and planned treatment concepts for domestic, commercial and organic waste as well as refuse derived fuels. The expertises also consider the legal situation concerning emissions and landfill restrictions. For the achievement of landfill diversion targets we provide our clients the consideration and comparison of costs.
• Attendance of plant operation – evaluation of current state (technical, economical), development of proposals for optimization.
• Execution of market explorations (e.g. availability of waste and fuel).

Commissioning and Final Inspection

• Execution of in-house acceptances for components / aggregates to be supplied
• Coordination of commissioning programmes for cold and warm startups
• Compilation respectively examination of programmes for the trial operation respectively performance test
• Supervision of compliance with regulations and standards
• Supervision of project-specific parameters for the trial operation respectively performance test, incl. evaluation of analyses and measuring data
• Preparation and execution of acceptances (protocols, site inspections etc.)

Plant Maintenance

  • Compilation of plant specific maintenance schedules with detailed information for manner and extent of maintenance work to be provided as well as manpower requirements (man hours, skills).
    • Separation of the operators controls, maintenance and cleaning from the external amount of maintenance.
    • Coordination respectively integration of the referring data from suppliers and manufacturers of single aggregates into an overall maintenance schedule.
    • Examination if applicable integration of maintenance measures into the process control of the plant.
    • Consideration of legal regulatory guidelines within the plant maintenance.
    • Execution of maintenance work (e.g. functional testing, sight checks, adjustments, detection of defects and operating errors, change of wear parts) based on maintenance contracts, incl. online remote maintenance (if technically available) and on-call service.


Nordtec international is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service – both before and after sale. This includes offering reliable on-site support and spare parts at competitive prices. Our Parts & Service professionals are seasoned maintenance technicians, plant operators and field service representatives backed by a global supply chain that allows Nordtec international to provide you with the price you want for the parts you need when you need them.

Whether Nordtec international was the original manufacturer or you are seeking a retrofit or system rehabilitation, the Parts & Service team at Nordtec international is qualified to talk with you through the most complex upgrade or smallest replacement order.
Our Parts & Service professionals can deliver:
• Control Packages: meters, sensors, panels, loggers, monitoring systems
• Consumables: filter media, bearings, motors, shafts
• Pumps: centrifugal, submersible, and metering
• UV sterilizers
• Retrofits
• Rehabilitation
We work closely with our customers to understand their challenge and provide the solutions to service our systems and most others. As a result, our factory trained service technicians can provide repair supervision anywhere in the world.